Energy Savings

Architectural films can lower energy costs, block heat and glare, reduce fading, improve appearance and enhance privacy. Vista Window Film can cut up to 50% of cooling costs. 

UV Rays

Solar control architectural films are designed for commercial and residential applications where damaging ultraviolet light, heat and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important, or a new look is desired.

Letting natural light into your home is one of the best ways to make it more inviting and comfortable. But natural light that shines through untreated windows can have negative effects on your home and the people in it. Fortunately, Sun-Ray Window Tinting provides LLumar and Vista window tinting solutions for homes just like yours. With our LLumar and Vista tinting options, you can better protect your home and your belongings. Whether you are concerned about potential sun or heat damage to your furnishings, or wasteful heating and cooling costs, the right window film can make a big difference.


Heat and Glare

Vista window film will help keep temperatures down in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. With Vista window films, solar "Hot Spots" can be a thing of the past and home window films can also negate destructive window glares.

Safety film

We provide all types of safety films that include black out films, clear safety film, and white out films.